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Driving Test Tips | Driving Instructor Ballymena

Driving Test Tips - Moving Off Safely

How to move off safely is probably one of the first things most learner drivers have been taught to do during their driving lessons, you will have to do this several times throughout your driving test.

You may be asked to move off in busy traffic, on a hill, or from behind a parked vehicle.

Highway Code Rule 159 explains how to perform this task safely and correctly.

Before moving off you should:

  • Use all mirrors to check the road is clear
  • Look round to check the blind spots (the areas you are unable to see in the mirrors)
  • Signal if necessary before moving out
  • Look round for a final check
Move off only when it is safe to do so.

driving instructor Ballymena highway code rule 159 
Your Driving Examiner will be watching very carefully to ensure you check all the mirrors and blind spots correctly - remember, door mirrors make images look further away than they really are!

Signal if necessary - timing is important! make sure your signals don't confuse or mislead other road users!

Move off only when it's safe to do so - if you don't know, don't go! You're looking for a safe opportunity, if it feels like you're taking a chance, you probably are. Your actions should not inconvenience other road users.

Once moving, check the mirrors again and try and get up to an appropriate speed for the conditions - moving off too slowly can disrupt following traffic.