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Driving Instructor Ballymena | Frequently Asked Questions
Driving Test Tips | Driving Instructor Ballymena


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Driving Test Ballymena

Driving Instructor Ballymena | Frequently Asked Questions

Starting out?
I have applied for my provisional driving licence, can I take driving lessons while I'm waiting for my licence to arrive?
No, you need to hold a valid driving licence before you begin driving on the road. If you have received your driving licence before your 17th birthday, it will still not be valid until you turn 17. Your driving Instructor will want to check your driving licence details before you drive.
Can I start taking driving lessons before I've passed the theory test?
Yes, as long as you hold a valid driving licence you can start taking driving lessons whilst you prepare for the theory test. You must pass the theory test before you can book a practical driving test.
Will I be expected to know anything about driving before I start?
If you have never driven before you will not be expected to know anything about driving nor will you be expected to drive in a busy area. Your driving instructor will provide a suitable location  for you to learn at your own pace. With Joe's Driver Training your driving lessons will always be tailored to meet your needs and level of ability.
I feel very nervous about learning to drive, is this normal?
It is common to feel nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car for the very 1st time. As skills improve and confidence grows the nerves will become less of a problem. It's important to get the training that's right for you!
How long are your driving lessons?
A standard driving lesson lasts for 1 hour in duration, 1.5  and 2 hour driving lessons can also be arranged.
I live outside Ballymena and would like to get picked up from home, is this possible?
Joe's Driver Training covers the Ballymena area, pick up outside Ballymena is subject to availability! Please check my availability and if I can provide driving lessons in your area!
Can I get picked up at one location and dropped off at another?
Yes, but within reason ...at the start of your driving lesson you will need to ask if it's possible to drop you off somewhere else.
Am I allowed to wear my Ugg boots on driving lessons?
Yes, but it's maybe not the best choice of footwear for driving. Bulky footwear can make it very difficult to operate the foot pedals correctly. Make sure you take this into account before
deciding what to wear!
Driven before?
I have driven a car before, will I still have to start from scratch?
If you have had previous driving experience in private or with another instructor you should not need to start from scratch. Your knowledge and skills can be assessed and future driving lessons will be structured accordingly.
I gave up learning to drive because I felt I was getting nowhere, can you help?
Yes, there could be any number of reasons why this has happened. Together we can assess your driving and highlight the areas that need to improve. Future driving lessons can be aimed at building confidence and developing your skill where it's needed most.
My parents have been teaching me to drive, should I be taking driving lessons as well?
It is recommended to combine private practise with professional driving lessons. A recent study shows that children have often picked up bad driving habits from their parents before they even start learning to drive. Bad driving habits can be hard to break. Professional driving lessons with an approved instructor will help prevent habits from developing into a problem. 
Can a driving instructor take me for driving lessons in my parents car?
Yes, but only if your car is 100% road legal and you have the correct insurance cover. You will  need to check with your insurance company that they cover you to take paid tuition.
I've had a lot of driving lessons in the past and now just want to take my test, what should I do?
You need to make sure you're ready and you need to know what to expect on test day.Taking a mock test with an approved driving instructor is a great way to assess if your driving is of a high enough standard to be successful on your actual driving test. Joe's Driver Training highly recommends mock testing as an effective means of driving test preparation.
Studying for the theory?
What is free theory support?
Free theory support is a service offered to anyone who wants to prepare for the driving theory test. Joe's Driver Training is in partnership with Theory Test Pro, signing up gains you free access to the latest materials that cover all aspects of the driving theory and hazard perception tests. If you have any problems, you can contact me for assistance and I'll be pleased to help.
Fancy something intensive?
What is an intensive driving course?
Unlike the traditional method of taking weekly 1 hour driving lessons until you reach driving test standard, you take longer lessons with shorter intervals in between. These longer lessons can be as long and as often as you want them to be. You still have to put in the hours and commitment but in doing so you should be able to reach driving test standard in a much shorter time.
How much is an intensive driving course?
There is no one size fits all when it comes to learning to drive as we all learn in different ways and at different rates.The price of an intensive driving course is calculated by the number of hours it takes to reach driving test standard. If you have previous driving experience you can take an assessment driving lesson and the length and price of the course can be agreed. 
...this page will be updated on a regular basis, please check back again later!
If you can't find the answer to your question, please ...contact me>>

Driving Test Tips | Driving Instructor Ballymena

Driving Test Tips - Moving Off Safely

How to move off safely is probably one of the first things most learner drivers have been taught to do during their driving lessons, you will have to do this several times throughout your driving test.

You may be asked to move off in busy traffic, on a hill, or from behind a parked vehicle.

Highway Code Rule 159 explains how to perform this task safely and correctly.

Before moving off you should:

  • Use all mirrors to check the road is clear
  • Look round to check the blind spots (the areas you are unable to see in the mirrors)
  • Signal if necessary before moving out
  • Look round for a final check
Move off only when it is safe to do so.

driving instructor Ballymena highway code rule 159 
Your Driving Examiner will be watching very carefully to ensure you check all the mirrors and blind spots correctly - remember, door mirrors make images look further away than they really are!

Signal if necessary - timing is important! make sure your signals don't confuse or mislead other road users!

Move off only when it's safe to do so - if you don't know, don't go! You're looking for a safe opportunity, if it feels like you're taking a chance, you probably are. Your actions should not inconvenience other road users.

Once moving, check the mirrors again and try and get up to an appropriate speed for the conditions - moving off too slowly can disrupt following traffic.